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Show of Interest Form

Master's and Doctoral Studies

All applicants for Master's and Doctoral studies should fill in the Show of Interest form below before submitting a formal application.  The form will be circulated to relevant members of staff to establish whether there is any supervisory interest.  In the event that a staff member expresses interest in supervising your intended research, you will then be contacted to apply formally via the UCT online applications portal. All offers remain provisional until approved by the Dean of Science and once all formal application criteria have been fulfilled.

Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted and informed of the outcome.

In the event that you have already submitted a formal application, you are still required to fill in the Show of Interest form.

An important note about funding:
It is very important that students start the application process early in order to secure a supervisor well in advance of any funding deadlines.
Please be aware that the Chemistry Department does not have funding to disburse.  Applicants should explore options via the UCT postgraduate funding site, as well as independent funding from elsewhere.  Some supervisors may have scholarship funding for students, which they will discuss with you independently in the event that they express an interest in supervising you.
For applicants who are considering applying for NRF funding, the deadline for NRF applications is early in June of the preceding year.  For more information, see

Country of birth and or adopted citizenship. If dual citizenship, state country of birth and then second citizenship (e.g. Zimbabwean/South African)
State degree + major/s + university + duration. For example: MSc (Chemistry) from University of Cape Town, 2015-2017. Place each degree on a separate line, ending with the highest qualification. If your last degree is still in process, indicate the start date and "in process" in brackets.
For more information on academic staff in the department, see: [Note: Prof Chibale regrets to advise that he is not taking on students currently. His research group is full to capacity and there is consequently no free lab space or funding - nor has he the time for additional supervision.]
Motivate your choice by uploading a research proposal of maximum 150 words.
UCT is an English-medium university. Candidates should have a good working knowledge of English to enable a reasonable chance for successful completion of their studies. Please select one or more options above which reflect your current proficiency in English. Note, South African candidates are not required to complete a TOEFL test.
If you have completed a TOEFL or other English proficiency test, upload the certificate here.
If yes, please provide details below. If no, please indicate how you plan/hope to secure the necessary funding.
Provide name, email address and contact number. Explain the relationship (e.g. supervisor, employer).
Provide name, email address and contact number. Explain the relationship (e.g. supervisor, employer).
Upload an official record of all of your university marks to date.
Upload all your official degree certificates received to date.
Your CV should include a summary of your completed research and list any publications.