Welcome Back Day - 2019

30 Jan 2019 - 14:15
Setting the scene
Setting the scene


Our academic year started with a Welcome Back function at the Gardens Bowling Club. Also a chance to greet our new Honours students and any other new postgrads and staff.


Bowling instructions

Bowling instructions

Come and play

Come and play!


This one's closer

Go Taryn

Taryn bowling while Jacky looks on

Bowling club

The historic Gardens Bowling Club

Some preferred the shade

Some preferred the shade (Genna brought her own)

Tim, Neil welcome

Tim Egan welcoming everyone

Neil talking

Neil Ravenscroft bearing gifts to thank the organisers

Deirdre giving instructions

Deirdre informing all of the proceedings of the day

Nolu and Thabisa

Nolu and Thabisa

Fred, Athi, Stephen

Fred, Athi and Stephen happy to chill off the green