Lab 7B revamp

25 Mar 2019 - 10:30
Prof Egan cutting the ribbon
Prof Egan cutting the ribbon


Lab 7B was revamped recently and it was celebrated with a grand re-opening!

A long-awaited revamp of Lab 7B took place this year in March. The floors of lab 7B and the level 7 flammable solvent store were replaced with special epoxy flooring. The lab had to be closed for nearly 2 weeks for the job to be completed by Robertson DC. The official re-opening of lab 7B took place on 25 March 2019 accompanied with snacks and refreshments for the lab staff and students.

The Robertson DC team

Shiny new floors

More shiny new floors

Nozuko and Thato

Dixon, Ash, Sauvik and Chris

Donald, Monica, Samuel, Mokhitli, Stephanie