R8,000 Student Assistantships: Ingxoxo Physical Chemistry Fundamentals Project

28 Mar 2019 - 12:45
Student Assistantships: Ingxoxo
Student Assistantships: Ingxoxo


We are looking for postgraduate students to assist with "Ingxoxo" (isiXhosa for conversation, discussion) which will provide a platform for student discussions around first-year physical chemistry in any South African language (see

If your background is in Chemistry you will assist in engaging with students and content creation. You will survey and interview students, design mock-ups and build up the basic concepts per topic. Plan concept videos and moderate discussions on Ingxoxo.

If your background is in Computer Science (Math/Stats) you will assist with maintaining and monitoring the digital platform (IT related skill set needed) and solve code or IT challenges that may occur. You will help compile the final textbook, conduct data analysis and compelling visualisations.

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