Our 2018 representatives on the Science Postgrad Students' Council

8 Mar 2018 - 12:45
Adrien and Ibiye
Adrien Ndamyabera and Ibiye Dagogo - 2018 SPSC reps


Postgraduate students recently elected Ibiye Dagogo and Adrien Ndamyabera to be their representatives on the Science Faculty Postgraduate Students' Council for 2018.

Students are encouraged to play an active role in decision-making processes at the Faculty of Science and two representatives are selected annually by the student body within each department in the Faculty to represent their interests in the Science Post Graduate Student Council (SPSC).

The leading role of the PG student representative is to act as a faculty, departmental and PG-student liaison and resource person for graduate student issues. Students in need of advice or resources are encouraged to approach their representatives, who will then discuss these and any other matters that concern students' academics with the departmental and faculty heads. Representatives are also invited to partake in faculty council meetings and report back to the students on the outcomes of such meetings and any proposed changes or procedures that affect the postgraduate student body.  Ibiye and Adrien also plan to host regular meetings and forums to receive and channel students’ perspectives through the appropriate decision-making channels.  They see the overall aim of the SRC and its reps to be the improvement of the learning experiences of current and future PG students.