Opening function of the New Analytical Lab and 600 MHz NMR

Prof Anton le Roex and Ms Claire Lawrence-Naidoo cutting the ribbon to the new DHET undergraduate analytical laboratory.
Prof Graham Jackson explains the intricacies a GC-MS analysis of perfume to Dr Linda Mtwisha (NRF) and Ms Claire Lawrence-Naidoo while the HOD, Prof Susan Bourne and Dr Gansen Pillay (NRF) look on.
Dr Linda Mtwisha (NRF), Dr Gansen Pillay (NRF) and Prof Kelly Chibale at the cutting of the ribbon at the entrance to the room housing the new state-of-the-art 600 MHZ NMR
Prof Kelly Chibale, Dr Linda Mtwisha (NRF) and Dr Gansen Pillay (NRF) posing next to the new state-of-the-art 600 MHZ NMR instrument